Do you really think that?

Time and time again we come across restaurateurs who believe that a POS system isn’t really that important. Their list tends to look like this…

Do YOU really think that? Here at TISSL we’re not just any old POS system that should be at the bottom of your list, we’re a POS system that should be at the top!

One Stop Shop
Our POS system is designed to integrate with additional resources that help run your business efficiently and profitably. We have used our skills and hospitality knowledge to know exactly what you want and need for your business. Why have different systems for, staff schedules, stock take, bookings, payments etc? Why not go to one place and know that everything is being monitored and recorded to one central system? Yes, we’re talking about us, TISSL. 

Yes, really
This is what makes us a little different and dare we say sexy?! We want you to be able to see all aspects of your business working from your POS system. Let your clients pay at the table using, chip and pin, contactless or even mobile phone. Give you the means to enable customers to order, pay, collect or even book a table from anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Keep an eye on your staff and be notified of those money makers. Sit on a beach in the Bahamas and still see what’s going on in your restaurant in live time. Seriously this is only the beginning, TISSL POS can become the hub of your business.  

Now try telling us a POS system isn’t that important!

We love a good relationship
At TISSL we work hard to ensure that the companies we partner with, have the same ethics as we do when it comes to providing the best for our clients. We have partnered with the likes of Zapper (Mobile payments), Payment Sense (payment system), Preoday (mobile ordering and booking) and many more, in order for you to have the very best, and just like TISSL, speed and support are just as important to them. 

Just a couple of questions
Would you like to be able to run your restaurant to the best of its ability from one system? Would you like to be able to control everything that happens in your restaurant from one system? Would you like a smooth simple process and some great support? 

Where does your POS system sit on your list now?

Contact us now
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We can provide web demos or we are more than happy to come to you and go through all that we can offer in order to help solve your problems.

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It all makes sense now!

When running F&B establishments that cater to providing customers with a simple, quick and easy experience, it’s important that payment should be at the top of the list.

Customers are more than happy to soak up the atmosphere, take their time eating the food they have been daydreaming about and enjoy catching up with friends. However, once it comes to payment, it’s like the 100 metre dash to get out! This is why it’s important that your payment system is quick, cheap and can talk to your POS for that all important pay-at-table.

This is what Payment Sense does!
TISSL have partnered with Payment Sense to provide you with only the best payment system for your establishment. We know that there are other companies out there offering this service but we’ve hand picked the best. Payment Sense offers exactly the same service as your bank would offer, but prices are significantly lower. You no longer have to visit your high street bank in order to obtain a payment system.

Let the POS do the work
By integrating Payment Sense to your POS system allows you to be able to offer pay-at-table, cutting back any wasted time from the server having to leave the table to continue the payment process. It will also help you when it comes to reports and analyzing payments taking place within your business.

No Payment Sense = lost money!
It’s rare to go into any establishment and not be able to pay using card. Put simply, your customers WILL walk out. Dealing with cash can lead to fraud, as cash can easily be stolen by members of staff or even the public, if not stored correctly. Think of those frequent trips to the bank you often take, queuing for hours, this would be eradicated.

Let’s talk sense
If you don’t have a payment system or you do but it’s through your bank and you’re being charged over the odds, then it seems a no brainer to look into working with Payment Sense. Setting up takes no time at all, in fact both TISSL and Payment Sense pride themselves on speed and support.

It’s important that your business is running effectively, efficiently and above all, profitably. Enable your customers to pay-at-table using chip and pin or contactless, without costing you the earth in order to do so.

Quicker payment will only lead to quicker table turns. Think of the potential money earner this could make you with very little invested time. We’re not going to force you into making the right decision but can you really afford not to take this on?

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TISSL your way to pay National Living Wage

There’s been no shortage of stories in the press of restaurants, pubs and cafes taking away their staff perks in order to cover the new National Living Wage bill. As of April 1st 2016 it has been law for all employees aged 25+ to be paid £7.20 per hour. The worrying thought for all employers is that the Government are committed to increasing this every year.

It’s understandable that most employers are trying to figure out ways of which they can save money in order to compensate, however taking away staff perks could have damaging effects. The last thing you need is the headache of trying to hire and train new staff because your old staff have left.

Looking into investing in your POS system could actually be the answer you are looking for! We understand that what you need to make your business successful is, customers, staff, food and drink, marketing, menus, payment systems and everything else that comes with a hospitality establishment. What makes a business more successful than others, is being able to control all of this from a central system, aka TISSL POS.

Our system is designed to ensure your business is run smoothly, effectively, productively and above all profitably. We do this by providing a solution to the problems you may be facing. One of them being increased wages.

How can we help you with this? By installing a TISSL POS system you will be able to restructure your staff in order to get the most out of them. You will be able to monitor peak shift times and who your money making staff members are. With this knowledge you can make sure you don’t over staff on shifts and you can use your valuable members of staff in the right way.

By using this one single function within your POS system (and trust us when we say this is just the tip of the iceberg) you can increase your profits in order to cover the new National Living Wage without having to take away those lovely perks that drew in those staff members in the first place.

Paying a member of staff may cost an extra 50p per hour plus that free lunch you give them on their break, but taking away such a small perk could end up costing you hundreds of pounds that the employee could have made you on shift, if they left. Invest in a POS system that will help run your business to its maximum ability and a future increase in wage won’t bother you at all!

Don’t take away from your staff, look at other ways to save, look at the TISSL way.

If you would like to speak to one of our sales team you can email or you can call on 01908 525800.

We can provide web demos or we are more than happy to come to you and go through all that we can offer in order to help solve your problems.

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Are you prepared for it?

In a blink of an eye Valentines Day is over and it’s nearly that time again, where the public enjoys that nice long bank holiday weekend, fills up with chocolate and spends time eating out in order to celebrate Easter.

Get your menu ready!
For all you guys in hospitality, now is the time to start thinking about that all important set menu that you may be planning to add in order to reap maximum spend over the bank holiday. We can help you to run your set menu through your POS system quickly and with ease. By doing this you can make your life easier. You will be able to see what worked and what didn’t, and take stock of what you have sold.

It’s a simple process but leave it too late and you could be in danger of missing out! We want to ensure that you have all your systems up to date with that new menu as soon as possible. With over 700 clients we just want to make sure that everyone is catered for.

Call us now
Why not be ahead of the game. If you have already decided on your special menu for Easter then give us a call so we can get cracking, that way the closer to Easter bank holiday weekend you get, the less stressed you need to be about your menu and systems.  

If you have yet to decide on your menu then don’t fear, as soon as you do, make sure we are the first ones you call to tell us the good news.

Excellent Product, Outstanding Support
In hospitality it pays to be organised and we just want to help support you with that.  

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Just doing our bit!

Here at TISSL we try to be as green as we can when it comes to recycling and looking after our environment. We have already made steps to ensure our equipment is more efficient, for example our printers are now at least 25% more efficient than our last generation of printers and all our old hardware gets disposed of above the accepted standard. But we want to do more…

Some of you may be surprised to here that we do in fact sell paper roll products! Not only do we provide you with the best EPoS system and support but we can also supply you with the stock you need to keep things running. It’s important to us that we live by our ethos of ‘Excellent Product and Outstanding Support’ and the support side reaches out to the community by being green and supporting charities.

February and March giveaway
Throughout the months of February and March we will be giving away 1% of our till roll sales to Rainforest Alliance. This will include, kitchen printer rolls, receipt printer rolls, PDQ paper rolls, PED paper rolls. To make this a success we urge you to use this opportunity to stock up and at the same time do your bit to support this campaign.

The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods. For more information please visit

Ordering couldn’t be more simple
All you need to do is email with your order request and we will do the rest. If you get your order in before 2.30pm you can have your paper roll products delivered to you the very next day. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a busy shift and you run out of printer roll!

Do your bit to help the environment
It is important that we all do our bit for the environment. We’re sure you’re probably already doing your bit within your business but why not take it one step further and use a supplier who also wants to help make a change?

If you would like more information on the products we sell or are unsure of the type of product you need then please call us, we’re here to help 01908 525800.



Help your staff to help you

Working within hospitality can be a very rewarding career, especially for servers. It is a great way to be social, work in a lively atmosphere, have flexibility with their working hours and make those all important tips! Having a work force that is happy and receiving the most out of their workplace is key to ensure a profitable business. If you have fast working, approachable staff, selling top quality food and drink then you are certainly on to a winner. This is where TISSL EPoS systems could help you achieve that star quality service. Let us explain…

Eating out the palm of your hand
Hand held devices are a great opportunity for your servers to be able to spend more quality time with their guests. Building those all important relationships, showing their personality and tip worth and helping their guests make the most important decision of their day, what to eat! It’s crucial that your servers have the tools to be able to take an order directly from the table.

All servers have been in a situation where they have taken a steak order and not taken the temperature requirement. They then have to go back to the table and interrupt their guests to get an answer. Do that to the same table a few times and it all gets a little too embarrassing.

Having a hand held eliminates those classic mistakes of writing orders out wrong. It creates a simple, smooth process of taking an order and being able to read it back to their guests to confirm. Then with a simple press of the send button the kitchen receives their order and the server can continue to delight their table with their winning personality and hopefully increase their tips!

It’s the money maker
The TISSL EPoS system is able to become a bespoke interface that is suited to your way of working. By creating a screen that is simple and easy to use means the servers are more likely to do some more of that all important up-selling. Therefore creating a larger bill (more money for you) which in turn benefits them, increasing their chances of a 10%-20% tip. Everyone’s a winner, unless you’re paying the bill, then not so much.

Now here is the money maker for you! The TISSL EPoS software can generate you reports so you are able to look into your stock sales to work out what are your best or not so best selling items. With this in mind you could easily promote to your staff what you would like them to up-sell that week and with the bespoke interface you can place those items on the system so they are in full view and always keeping the server reminded.

How many staff does it take?…
For the servers and for you, having the right amount of staff at the right time is key. Too many staff members on shift means money wasted on wages and servers don’t get to earn as many tips as they are having to share 3 tables with 5 other team members.

We are able to provide you with a great tool that will help you to monitor your money income and your money expenditure so you are able to review when you need more or less staff. Your team will soon become your best friend if they are not having to fight for their tables.

Want to hear more?
So we have given you a small insight into how TISSL can help your staff earn the big bucks and you reap the rewards of a productive team. However this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have so much more on offer and some real wow factors coming soon! Trust us when we say, if you think what you have just read was good, wait until you get a chance to speak to us, we’ll blow your chefs hat off!

Alternatively you can always check out our products and software on our website before giving us a bell – 

If you have an idea on how your current EPoS system could make your life easier than the chances are we already provide this. Call us today and enjoy getting to understand all about what we can offer  01908 525800 or email

What does it all mean?

Acronym after acronym, we hear you, you’re sick of it right?

Here at TISSL it’s our job to make things as simple and easy as possible for you in all aspects of what we offer. Starting with all that fancy technology jargon that we speak.

OMG it’s important that FYI you know exactly what we are talking about without having to look up FAQ’s on EPOS systems to understand WTH we are on about, LOL. (that was painful right?)

We understand that you guys speak hospitality and we speak technology therefore to some of you we might as well be speaking Klingon, so we have a team of dedicated sales and support guys who are more than happy to go through all your needs and wants without bombarding you with information or jargon that you may not understand. It’s important to us that you have a full understanding of the system you are wanting and all the other areas that we offer that may be useful to you.

Just to give you a little heads up of some of the lingo we may use, we have put together a helpful list of a few acronyms you may see pop up throughout our website…

The big one! EPOS, this stands for ‘Electronic Point of Sales’ in short, your till.

This is the system that you want to work perfectly all year round, make your life easier, ensure you can work faster and more efficiently, pull reports, have staff clock in, manage flexible payment options, stock check and countdown, quick concise billing. With all of the things that it does, this is your holy grail of a smooth running business.


TMS ­ Time Management System
FOH ­ Front of House
BOS ­ Back Office Server
EDI ­ Electronic Data Interchange
PDA ­ Personal Digital Assistant (Electronic handheld devise)
YTD ­ Year to date
ACT ­ Accounts
P&L ­ Profit and Loss
PoS ­ Point of Sale
KPI ­ Key performance indicator (we’ve blogged on this before!)
KDS ­ Kitchen Display System
CRM ­ Customer Relationship Management
PMS ­ Property Management System
PCI ­ Payment Card Industry ­ Usually used in the context of ‘Payment Card Industry Compliant’
ROI ­ Return on investment
CSK ­ ConnectSmart Kitchen Software
UPS ­ Uninterruptable Power Supply
UPC ­ Universal Product Code (also seen as a SPC or EPC)
SKU ­ Stock Keeping Unit (to identify unique parts and products)

You’ll see a lot of them listed across on our products page at and hopefully that will look a bit less like Klingon and more like human with this guide!

If this blog has helped you to understand a little more about TISSL and helped knock down any of those barriers on understanding what the heck we are talking about and you would like to consider improving your EPoS system, then please call our sales team on 01908 525800 or email and let us answer any other questions you may have.

We’re ready and waiting.


The Value of Table Turnover Time

Lets be honest, you dread the customers who come in and sit a table for a few hours. You’re never sure how to get them quicker without being rude while trying to turn your table.

            Faster table turnover leads to more sales for restaurants and is a crucial performance metric for many restaurants. At the same time, it’s delicate subject because you don’t want to ruin your customers experience by rushing them out as soon as they’re done eating. However with the advent of mobile payments which remove the five minutes waiting around at the end of the meal, and preordering, which eliminates the waiting at the start of the meal. Table turnover at restaurants is now becoming the main focus that it should be and increasing the rate. Restaurateurs can also now use technology to allow people to be served quicker with self-ordering kiosks, faster checkouts, and the ability to pay via app.

Table turnover rate does prove an issue for restaurateurs though, because they don’t want to offend their customers by rushing them out the door. This rate is most difficult and important for smaller restaurants, which only have a handful of tables. The fewer tables there are, the more critical maximizing the profitability of that space becomes to your success, which means extensive use of tableside ordering, fast payment option and in extremely rapid environments, kitchen management systems. We understand it’s easier said than done, and some technologies are more appropriate for certain spaces over others, TISSL emphasizes the importance of small restaurants keeping up with technology and having an ongoing dialogue about how to best use your POS system to monitor and achieve these key targets.

Technology solves the table turn problem in the way that speeds up the service and allows guests to leave sooner rather than later. With well-utilized technology, your guests will leave happier because staff would have had more time to provide guest with an amazing experience. With ordering being easier and faster, staff has the opportunity to socialize more with customers and allow them to leave the restaurant with a positive experience.



Gaining Effectiveness by Sales by Range (SBR)

If there is one report that every restaurateur will use, it’s their daily/weekly sales report, or as we call it in TISSL, the Sales by Range (SBR) report. The challenge with this type of reporting is that although it provides an excellent snapshot of how your business has done on that day, it’s full of great information and it’s likely that it’s not being used to its full potential. It’s stressful enough trying to operate well in today’s competitive hospitality industry considering the amount of time you spend on the floor dealing with admin and customers that often the idea of spending time analyzing reports in detail feels like an issue that can be brush aside.

Gaining the maximum effectiveness from your SBR entails a multistep process. You take the information from your POS System and distil that into a consistent process of improvement based around the areas that are most likely to affect your business. These are known as Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, and your SBR report is the quickest and easiest way to begin a targeted program to measure how you can grow your business.

1.   The Quick Cash Check

One of the most important factors of an SBR record is virtually every conceivable sale and settlement transaction needed to properly account for your hard-earned cash. This is one of the quickest things that should be reviewed at the end of the day. Cash is a weak area for most restaurants due to the fact that it’s easy for deceitful staff to pocket whatever cash is available. Four percent of restaurants revenue is lost due to fraud each year, so this is key for your business. If there is a consistent shortage as a percentage of your payments, break down the cash reports by cash drawer, or by terminal. Keep an eye on this figure and if it drops, make a note and see if there is a pattern verse the staff being on board when there is a drop.


2.   Drilling down on Serving Periods

Serving period titles help figure out if there are any odd factors and shows the growth of specific times during the day. Having a look at your day to day changes is great, but it can be heavily affected by a particularly busy evening period, Analyzing your data in a more granular level allows you to pinpoint growth areas.

For example, perhaps you’ve launched a program to grow your breakfast sales or maybe you’ve been pushing deals and offers to increase Monday night sales. KPIs set around these metrics will quickly allow you to analyze your success in these areas and give your team some much clearer statistics to focus on.

On the other side of things, do your costs exceed your income on certain days? Perhaps it’s worth you closing for Tuesday lunchtime, or Sunday dinner. The information on how big your sales are during your serving periods can be used to target cost cutting measures as well as areas for improvement.


3.   Category Sales Analysis

Targeted category sales are important due to the fact that you can set KPI’s within. You’ll have the ability to target individuals or certain departments through SBR. As an example, how can you target your bar manager to increase bar sales? Are your cocktails selling as expected? How many desserts are you selling? What about wines by the glass? These are all very critical factors that you need to be aware of. With the SBR you can have a quick discussion with your department heads on how they can drive these areas with easy data to hand.

This report shows virtually everything needed for recording sales into the accounting system and will make motivating your key staff members much easier for you. Of course, it doesn’t stop here and there’s a good chance you’re doing more than is listed here. When you consistently start hitting your KPIs in these three areas, there are further reporting options that allow you to break down category and item sales by serving period by section or even by terminal, which allows for you to adopt an even greater level of targeting. Want to pit your restaurant sections against each other to see which team can sell the most cocktails? Game on!

It seems that too many owners or operators are not tracking their sales accurately; not posting costs by category appropriately, or viewing cash balance at the end of the month as profit. These errors and misconceptions all add up to preventing someone from managing their operations profitably and therefore missing the positives of using SBR.